Stingray no-prep lesson - Google Slides™ - 30 minutes
Stingray no-prep lesson - Google Slides™ - 30 minutes
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Stingray no-prep lesson - Google Slides™ - 30 minutes
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Stingray no-prep lesson - Google Slides™ - 30 minutes

Stingray no-prep lesson - Google Slides™ - 30 minutes

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This is a non-prep Google Slides lesson about the stingray, including a focus on the effect of climate change on the manta ray population - a species of stingray. This handy resource is created with a 30 minute lesson delivery in mind. Teachers will need to read through the material first to see if this time frame suits your teaching style and pace so that you can prepare not to run over or under. There are 14 slides in total, however, it is fine to remove or keep what suits your cohort of students for your own personal classroom use. (In case you are concerned about the 'death by Powerpoint' scenario - the activities and videos are included in this slide count. This lesson fits in well with learning about the environment and climate change topics. This lesson can be used as a regular timed lesson by using all of the slides.



This pack contains 15 engaging slides:


  • what is a stingray?
  • facts about stingrays
  • stingrays and climate change
  • activities
  • embedded videos
  • colorful photos






  • To use as a 30 minute lesson - review the activities and select the ones that reflect your student's ability.
  • This lesson can be used as a regularly time lesson.


If you don't have a Google account, you can sign up for free. If you have a school Google account, it would be advisable to download all your personal purchases to your own Google account. this is because many schools have security firewalls that only allow authorized users to access. You can then share your content with your school's Google Drive.


After your click on the link provided or access this resource through TPT, you are then going to be prompted to 'make a copy'. Once you have done this you will go to your Google Drive and if you double click on the new resource you will find your resource ready to use.


When you go back to Google drive if you right click on the resource, you have the option to rename or move your resource within your drive.




In order to share this resource with your students, you need to go to the share icon button on the right hand side of your Google slide presentation. If you are already in your school drive you can go ahead and add your class. If you are sharing the link, click on copy link - copy this link onto an email you will see this symbol at the very end '/' and then straight after it 'edit' and some code. What you will need to so is remove all code / writing after the '/' symbol and replace with 'copy'.


An example would be: hakldjlisfoeahoifhiasheofeioeoifaxlgk/edit#slide=id.gecc454e5e3_0_27


becomes: hakldjlisfoeahoifhiasheofeioeoifaxlgk/copy




This purchase is an unlimited license for the scope of your classroom ONLY. This resource may not be shared or distributed outside of the scope of your own classroom. It may not be uploaded outside of the scope of the classroom where it it can be redistributed, dowloaded or accessed. If you have any questions please contact me.


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I designed this 30 minute lesson about hurricanes based upon when I have to teach topic but there may be an unexpected school visitor, performance or outing. We all know we can get thrown curve balls during the school week. In these kind of situations, I would be mindful of running out of time. My colleagues and I would have to squeeze a lesson into a half hour slot while maintaining the same amount of quality content and meeting as many of the objectives as was possible. We often find ourselves 'time poor' on occasion due to circumstances beyond our control.


This lesson could also be be used as a bonus lesson, a time filler, a last minute substitute teacher / supply teacher activity or even to be shared with a student who is away for a long period of time. If a school visit to a local museum or park is cancelled due to bad weather - no problem, these short lessons are great resource.


The principle intention of this short half hour lesson, is to expose students to information so that if you decide to learn more at a later date, they have some foundational knowledge.

There is a lot of information packed into these Google Slides which have original artwork and a colorful, engaging style. Each slide is set out in a way that it can be taught by a teacher or classroom assistant without requiring lots of background knowledge. The information provided will introduce and touch upon the main topic of forest fires. It also includes short embedded videos, photographs and activities.

You can, alternatively add this to an existing unit or project and teach it in your own time frame.

Suggested directions are as follows:


  1. Read through some slides or children can read through slides if working remotely.
  2. Take some suggestions during input time (via Zoom or in person during class time) - there are spaces to jot down notes.
  3. Activities - there is a place here for copying the Google Doc in your folder for your own class and differentiating by deleting activities to suit different ability groups.