Cute Cat Spanish Digital Stickers

Cute Cat Spanish Digital Stickers

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This bright and colorful pack of 8 Halloween / Víspera de Todos los Santos digital Spanish langugage reward themed rewards stickers should brighten up your student's day. Great for Google classroom or Seesaw.




The pack contains the following images:


  • ¡Muy Bien!
  • ¡Estupendo!
  • ¡Excelente!
  • ¡Que Bien!
  • ¡Gran Esfuerzo!
  • ¡Gran Vocabulario!
  • ¡Magnífico
  • ¡Fantástico!
  • ¡Buena Suerte!
  • ¡Feliz cumpleaños!




Why use digital stickers?


1. Digital stickers are a great way to add some familiarity and fun to your teaching. These virtual rewards were created to encourage and motivate students while they are engaging in some form of digital learning. I have used them in distance learning, with Google classroom, Seesaw and have been used to communicate feedback to online students as well as in the classroom. Parents have also given very positive feedback when they see a digital sticker placed on their child’s work.


2. I’m a huge fan of physical stickers and have designed for sticker companies professionally and there is nothing like a fresh sheet of stickers! However, the advantages of digital stickers are that you can use them over and over in your own personal classroom with your students and never worry about running out. They are 300 px by 300 px each so do not take up too much memory on your hard drive so convenient to store.


3. These png files have a transparent background so they look great when inserted onto your digital files. They mimic physical stickers as you can move them around the document.