Certificados Para Imprimir en Español - Printable Spanish Reward Certificates

Certificados Para Imprimir en Español - Printable Spanish Reward Certificates

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Super cute star design - original artwork. These are great certificates that you can use over and over again. There is also a smaller version included for glueing into communication books, homework books etc which are common in international schools. Suitable for printing on color paper. These are suitable for elementary school and can be used across grades / year groups.

What is included:

  • Pdf version with full size A4.
  • A PowerPoint version where names and reasons for award can be added then printed as required.


** Designs include: **

  • Premio de Arte
  • Premio a la Buena Escucha
  • Premio a la Amabilidad
  • Premio al Buen ciudadano
  • Premio a la Perseverancia en el Aprendizaje
  • Premio a la Persistencia en el Aprendizaje
  • Premio al Pensamiento Imaginativo
  • Premio a la Determinación en el Aprendizaje
  • Premio a las Preguntas Excelentes
  • Premio de Geografía
  • Premio de Matemáticas
  • Premio de Escritura
  • Premio de Lectura
  • Premio de Fonética
  • Premio al Músico
  • Premio al Músico de la Semana
  • Buena Caligrafía
  • Premio a las Tablas de Multiplicar
  • Premio a la Lengua Española
  • Premio al Liderazgo
  • Premio a la Formación a Distancia
  • Premio al Experto en Informática
  • Premio al Estudiante de la Semana
  • Premio al Estudiante del Año
  • Premio a la Estrella del Día
  • ¡Gran trabajo!
  • ¡Buen trabajo!
  • ¡Científicamente Perfecto!
  • ¡Escritura Excelente!


Why use printable certificates?

1. Printable certificates are a great way to record achievement and reward your students great work.

2. They are easily printed on colored paper and you can laminate or back them on card them for longevity.

3. Each certificate design is original and the artwork is 300 DPI for a crisp clear image.

4. These certificates can be used for your own classroom use over and over - great value.

5. These certificates are a black line illustration design so a great save for schools that do not encourage color ink printing.

There is a margin around each certificate allowing for printers and may need to be trimmed down when printed (color paper works great).




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The Legal Stuff

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All files must be secured. Please ensure to secure my artwork by flattening and password protecting the document. This protects my work and your valued investment. Which is very much appreciated.
The artwork should be used to enhance your resource and not used for resell or as a stand alone product or item.
Editable resources are permitted to be created with my artwork but it must include your own original education material, text, content, design elements (eg. borders) and my graphics must be flattened. They may not be used as stand alone graphics or moveable clipart unless they have been sold specifically for this purpose.
My artwork may not be used on print on demand sales sites such as zazzle or Redbubble or uploaded to free clip art websites. This is strictly prohibited.
By protecting our work, we can continue to do what we love and create more resources to help teachers, parents and above all our students in a our educational community.

If you would like to use these designs for mass printing please contact me on @katillustrationlondon Instagram.