What is Google Jamboard™?


I'm a big fan of interactive whiteboards in the classroom. Especially the Promethean whiteboard. They are easy to use with lots of add on's to make life in the classroom a lot more interactive and easy to use. 

As we take our teaching online, using a whiteboard and holding it up to the camera does the job but what about an online interactive whiteboard? Well Google has the answer in Jamboard™.

I only discovered this a few weeks ago and I wish I knew about it earliers. It has a lot of good basic tools. I would have liked a sliding scale thin to thicker marker to show working out a lot clearer but it is a great idea. 

If you would like to learn more about it click here For the Google Jamboard Masterclass by New EdTech Classroom. 

The possibilities are endless. Here is a Jamboard that gives a framework for children to explore and showcase their acquired knowledge about Tsunamis. EdTech Class room mentioned that Google Jamboard may take over from Google Slides in the classroom as it a "Powerful teaching tool."  Ed Tech classroom asserts that it is more of an interactive collaborative platform which I agree with. Custom backgrounds and "makes student thinking visible" and free! 


Additionally I really love Jamboard as it is a great tool to have up your sleeve when trying to get children generating ideas as a group or team. It is very easy to use and I look forward to new features.

For TPT sellers, it cannot be accessed through the Google option on TPT just yet but I can forsee it becoming a need. 



Google Jamboard™  only allows 20 frames at a time but this does the job. 


Jamboard is also an approved app used by Outschool.