What is a dipthong?





To put it simply, a diphthong is a sound that is formed when two vowels are combined together to form a single syllable. It is seen as a complex speech sound. When pronouncing diphthongs, the speakers mouth will move to be able to sound them out correctly. To elaborate further - the tongue will move or change position when the diphthong syllable is being sounded out. 

The double vowel sound of the diphthong is a single syllable and occurs when two vowels are put side by side. 

There are many diphthongs but the most common in the English language are:

oy / oi   - boy.    toy    Roy  coin  noise 

ou / ow - cow   bow   sow  low  flower  loud  sound round 

ew - sew  

aw / au. - straw    law   paw   haul   cause 

 Here are some videos that put the meaning of a diphthong into child friendly language with some activities.