The Flying Flying Fox Mega Bat and Climate Change

When people think of bats, they often think of blood sucking little creatures with small fangs that fly through the window at night. Turning people into vampires. However, the reality of bats is something quite different. There are indeed blood-sucking bats, but they usually prefer animals than human and they cannot turn people into vampires. 
The bat is not commonly seen in many countries, in fact, in some, it is quite rare. But it is a fascinating fact to know that out of every five mammals, one will be a bat. They are much more common than people think. 

One very interesting species of bat is the flying fox, a huge bat with an enormous wingspan with a face that has been likened to a little dog. Their preferred diet is one of fruit, flowers and sometimes leaves. They are amazing creatures. However, climate change has been taking its toll on the population - especially in Australia.
Environmental scientists have noticed, that as our planet heats up flying foxes are being affected. Extreme heat and an increase in global heatwaves has caused these giant bats to die from heat exhaustion. 
Hundreds were affected in Sydney in 2018 after a particularly bad heatwave. Temperatures reached a scorching 47 ºC. There was not enough canopy cover and young and baby bats were left behind while some flying foxes tried to find cooler areas. 
Environmental experts are aware of the crisis as in 2021, water sprinklers were turned on to try to keep them cool as they sweltered in the high temperatures. 
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