Jellyfish - emergent readers

There are different ways to help children read. Here are a set of ebooks (Google Slides format) that can be read on devices that support Google drive. Ebooks are great learning objects that help children access books on the go.

Another intention behind creating these books has been influenced by an experience I had of teaching a student who had arrived from another school when teaching internationally. His parents had moved countries frequently for his father's job and had never stayed in one school long enough for teachers to work out the extent to which he had been covering for his lack of reading ability - he was excellent at find legitimate ways to not get down to some writing. He would sharpen pencils, chat, entertain, offer to do jobs which rang alarm bells for me during the first week or two and he had very little written in his books. He was 11 years old, going on 12, confident, articulate but when it came to reading and writing he would avoid it at all cost.


He was supported by the S.E.N. (SPED) department of the school but he was a little older than the other students and was very aware that he couldn't read. The books that he was provided with did not appeal to him. They were very much geared towards very young students. I saw him hide them quickly in his bag. He would read through them and I found out he had memorized the sentences as he parents would read with him.


These books are virtual so paperless. Children have the opportunity to read them on their tablets quietly. They are simple and vary in difficulty level and vocabulary from title to title. Some will fit in with science topics, others are centred around a topic but are really focussing on basic vocabulary so that children get visual stimulation. Opportunities are created for them to discuss the picture while the text reflects their reading and writing level. There is also the option to minimize the book and switch to another app if another curious student wants to see what text is being read. Everyone can learn without feeling self-conscious - at their own pace.

This book is part of a growing bundle which can be found here and can also be sent as a pdf. format once a class license has been purchased.

  • simple repetitive vocabulary

  • child friendly unique handwritten font

  • great photos

  • ebook or pdf

  • focus words

  • flash cards for reinforcement

  • written for the reluctant older reader, emergent reader and young reader in mind.