How Does Climate Change Affect Fish In Wetland Environments?

Fish thrive in the wetland environment from ponds to marshes to swamps. However, human impact upon the environment and climate change is having an affect on the wellbeing of the fish that live there. 
The wetland environments provide fish with a place to shelter. Many wetland areas with the exception of bogs, are rich in nutrients and food for fish. It is a relatively safe place for them to have their young. Fish usually thrive in this type of water logged environment. 
Human impact has had a major effect upon the fish population in the wetland environment. From water pollution to a reduction of wetland area itself. Some wetlands are located near cities and towns ready to develop outside of urban boundaries and this means that wetlands occupy prime real estate.
Valuable land worth a lot of money. The drainage of the land has put ancient wetland sites such as marshes, ponds and swamps under threat. 
Climate Change has also had a huge influence on the eco-systems, fish included, so that numbers of some species are dwindling. Overfishing is another problem - where people are not curbed and species are almost wiped out. 
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