Greta Thunberg and the Global Climate Strike 2021

Although still a teenager, Greta Thunberg is a seasoned climate change awareness activist. This year, she is bringing awareness to global warming crisis. 

In her speech recently to NBC news she expressed the urgency of climate change. She continues to hold world leaders accountable and keeps a close eye on their actions, hoping that they will match their promises before it is too late. 

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Climate change is a complicated subject. Even a small increase in our planet's temperature, climate scientists have observed an increase in extreme weather, habitat loss and disease. 

Here is a list of climate change consequences according to environmental experts:

  • drought
  • extreme weather
  • melting ice caps, glaciers and permafrost
  • loss of animal habitat
  • extinction of species of plants and animals
  • the warming up of the ocean
  • coral bleaching
  • rising temperatures 
  • rising sea levels

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What can we do?

Huge companies carry a lot of the responsibility of climate change. Fossil fuels are a huge concern, but we can, on an individual level, also contribute. Here are some ways that we can:

  • walk to work, school etc rather than driving
  • reduce energy use
  • conserve water
  • protect parks, forests and other green areas
  • respect the environment
  • use less plastic 
  • waste less food