Free Arabic Teaching Resources For Kids

As a parent, it can be time consuming and expensive to find language resources for young children. Here is a review* of some of the best Arabic language resources for young children to grasp this language spoken by 466 million people. 

There are many dialects of Arabic. These resources are created by educators and are completely free. The creators have their own shops on teachers pay teachers and the beauty of these free products is that they are a great way to get your child to practise Arabic: reading, writing and speaking with very little cost. 

It can also be a great resource if your child is currently in a school in an Arabic speaking country but English is their first language and you would like to support their learning journey so that they can catch up to their peers. 

Here we go!

This first resource is very useful. It is 116 pages of worksheets that help children learn the Arabic alphabet.  The tpt shop's name is Mouchine Ihakkaoui. 

If you enjoyed this resource, remember to leave a review to encourage sellers to create more great quality products. It's a win-win!


This next online shop on TPT is by Arabic Playground. A useful resource. I printed out these flashcards on coloured paper in order to study one letter a week. 



Another version of this has phonetic spellings to help you to sound out the letters with your student / child. This following resource is from Raki's Rad Language Resources


An example of how I used this resource is in an exercise / copy book. 


A good idea is to take a yellow highlighting pen and demonstrate how the letter is formed. Ask your child if they are in the early stages of learning the Arabic script, to trace over the letters. 

When reinforcing letter learning, this resource by HomePlaySchool is a great way to link initial letter sounds to a word. For example the Arabic work for rabbit. 



Here is an example of how to use this worksheet. Bingo markers are a great way to colour in this sheet if you don't have much time or if your student doesn't love colouring in. The goal of the lesson is to learn the letter and link it to a familiar noun rather than colouring so this is a bonus activity. 


And a very useful website is Iqragames

Click on the link or the photo below to find some fantastic Arabic language resources for kids. 


Paid Resources:


Now you have tried out some free resources, here are some paid resources that you may find useful if you want to continue your journey in language learning. If you would like to read to your child, here is an ebook that is available in my TPT shop which is in Egyptian Arabic / English to help your child get used to reading Arabic. If you are learning or you are supporting your child but Arabic isn't your first language - all words are transliterated for easy pronunciation and English is also included.  If you would like a printed version of this book click here

I hope this is useful! Don't forget to give these resources a try. 


  • Remember a little daily learning is much more effective than in one big chunk. 
  • Children build upon the skills they learnt yesterday. 
  • Don't give up - keep going!