Five Facts For Children When Teaching About Climate Change

Teaching about Climate Change is a hot topic right now. There is so much information to get through, so here are 5 facts to get your started to captivate your students when learning about global warming. 
1. The increase in the earth's overall temperature since 1950 can be blamed on human activity. 
2. Some of the causes of global warming to accelerate are: fossil fuel usage, industrial farming and deforestation. 
3. The Polar Ice caps and sheets are melting which will lead to a dangerous rise in sea levels. Some countries could be under water by the next century. 
4. The coral reefs are under stress. A rise in ocean temperature causes something called coral bleaching which, left unchecked, cause the reef to die. Coral bleaching can be a natural occurrence but scientists have noticed this happening frequently. This does not give the coral reef time to repair itself. 
5. If we take action now, we can do a lot to slow down the effect of Climate change. Everyone's effort matters.