Book Review: We Are Growing by Laurie Keller - Great Books For Early Readers That Inspire Craft Activities



Book Review: We Are Growing by Laurie Keller. 

I’ve been missing easy access to the Oxford Reading Tree series since landing in the U.S.  "We are growing" By Laurie Keller, is the first book that has really impressed me. It is a green filled book of fun. Very interesting for reluctant and keen readers alike. The words are presented in an engaging way. Lovely illustrations and a fun theme about growing up with different personalities and appearances yet all have lots in common. I have found books at the library to be very word heavy for emerging readers and this was different. Although it has a lot of vocabulary it is presented in a clear and attractive way to first readers. Onomatopoeia is used to great effect.  


  • great illustrations 
  • cute characters 
  • funny
  • great punchy vocabulary. Not too wordy.
  • available at most libraries  


  • will update if I come up with anything!

click here to view on Amazon (not sponsored)  You can also reserve it at most local libraries which is where I discovered my copy. 

For teachers, parents and home schoolers who would like to do some follow up work about the book, such as a related craft activity, you will need:


  • glue 
  • green paper
  • white  card 
  • a black marker 
  • plastic googly eyes 
  • some glitter or similar
  • pom poms  


Places to find inexpensive supplies:

Feel free to improvise. Place then book in view of the child to keep focus and model how you would like the grass to be cut, chat with your child about the book, letting them take the lead. This is also a useful idea for teachers who are looking to fill display / bulletin boards at school.  


 If you would like to help your child practice reading here is a set of books I have created for first readers or struggling readers. 


When teaching nursery / pre KG, some children are ready to read but I found that some of the books were just too complicated or word heavy. This can be very off putting for a child who is just starting to read or to acquire English. These Google Slides ebooks have been created with the emergent reader or reluctant in mind. The text is repetitive, includes high frequency words and simple subject specific language. Pictures and sentences are written to prompt discussion and designed to be an easy read that can be revisited over and over. There are two versions of this product in most packs so that you can choose how your student receives the document. Some of the books include a version without punctuation and with punctuation for readers who are the very beginning of their reading journey. As their confidence grows, the same book can be revisited at a higher level.

More about these products on this blog - click here